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Teens Could Benefit From Opioid Education at Schools and Drug Rehab Centers in Indiana

Indiana physicians prescribe an average of 109 painkiller medications to every 100 people, according to the CDC. This means some Indiana residents are being prescribed more than one painkiller, which could be partly responsible for the state’s rising opioid epidemic, especially where teens are concerned. At present, the state is facing a teen opioid epidemic …

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Opioid Rehab Centers in Indiana Could Save State Billions Annually

Opioid and tobacco addictions are costing Indiana taxpayers about $8.2 billion per year, according to recent studies released by the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation. Claire Fiddian-Green, the foundation’s president and CEO, says the studies confirm that addiction places an economic burden on Indiana communities and taxpayers, and that addiction treatment should remain a top priority …

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Employers Can Save Money With Help From Indiana Rehab Centers

Employers lose an estimated $335 billion per year on productivity due to prescription drug abuse, says the Indiana attorney general’s office. Not only do many addicts frequently call in sick, but when they do show up to work, they work more slowly, less efficiently, and cause liability problems for businesses. Fortunately, employers can save money …

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New Alcohol Addiction Finding Could Benefit Alcohol Rehab Centers in Indiana

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine recently discovered that the taste of alcohol can trigger addiction by increasing dopamine activity in the reward center of the brain. This new finding could help healthcare professionals and alcohol rehab centers in Indiana develop new treatments that could lower alcohol addiction rates in the state. If …

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