Political Candidate Supports Drug Addiction Treatment, Access to Free Drug Rehab Centers in Indiana

A local candidate for the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana is taking steps to address the state’s opioid epidemic by examining drug abuse in rural Indiana communities. Anderson and other communities throughout Madison County are currently facing problems with drug abuse and child abuse, which are driving local crime rates. But increased access to drug addiction treatments and free drug rehab centers in Indiana could improve public safety and lead to lower abuse and crime rates.

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Addressing Drug Abuse and Child Abuse in Madison County

Drug Rehab Centers

Providing addicts with access to drug rehab could reduce relapse and crime rates in Indiana.

Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Christina Hale recently went on a ride-along with Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger to get a closer look at the addiction and child abuse problems plaguing the area. Hale says 10% of all babies born in Wayne County are addicted to opioids, while Union County is largely populated with signs encouraging locals to find and report methamphetamine use. She says in most cases when meth labs are busted by law enforcement, children are present in the home.

According to Hale, the children found at meth lab crime scenes are sent to detox and placed with foster families. Later on when the children’s biological parents are released from prison, they initiate violent fights with foster parents and earn more jail time.

Hale indicates that addressing drug abuse in prison can help Indiana save valuable resources on future incarceration rates when addicts relapse and exhibit violent criminal behavior.

At present, Blackford County jail in Madison County is housing 20 inmates, and spending about $75,000 per year on care for each drug offender. Hale says that the state must allocate more resources for drug and mental health treatment programs that can help drug addicts overcome addiction and return to their families. Hale says this move could help improve crime and drug abuse rates.

Treating Drug Addiction at Rehab Centers

Indiana is home to many drug rehab centers that offer free or affordable treatment options for qualifying individuals. Many addicts often fail to seek addiction treatment out of fear that treatments are too costly or inaccessible, but state-funded rehab programs often have the resources needed to help struggling addicts overcome drug dependence and turn their lives around.

Most drug rehab centers specialize in treating all addiction types, including heroin, opioids, and methamphetamine. Patients can choose to participate in inpatient or outpatient rehab programs, based on their addiction statuses and personal needs. For instance, those struggling with severe, long-term addictions may fare best in residential inpatient programs with 24/7 access to medical support, while those struggling with minor addictions may benefit from outpatient programs that allow them to maintain their normal, daily lives outside of treatment.

Drug rehab centers often combine medication treatment with behavioral counseling and therapy, an approach known as medication-assisted treatment. This treatment method helps recovering addicts stop using drugs without experiencing cravings or withdrawal symptoms, and provides them with the knowledge and confidence they need to resume normal, healthy lives following treatment.

If you live in rural Indiana and are struggling with drug addiction, understand that you’re not alone in your fight. Call our confidential helpline at 888-414-2380 for help with locating free drug rehab centers in Indiana that can help you overcome your addiction. Our caring addiction specialists will arm you with all the resources you need to become healthier, sober, and drug-free.

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