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Choosing The Right Meth Addiction Treatment

As experts make perfectly clear, meth addiction treatment approaches need to be correctly matches with a client’s requirements and problems. Jumping into meth addict treatment without researching a program and discerning how well the setting, services, and interventions align with your needs set you up to fail in many situations. By researching treatment programs and …

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Political Candidate Supports Drug Addiction Treatment, Access to Free Drug Rehab Centers in Indiana

A local candidate for the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana is taking steps to address the state’s opioid epidemic by examining drug abuse in rural Indiana communities. Anderson and other communities throughout Madison County are currently facing problems with drug abuse and child abuse, which are driving local crime rates. But increased access to drug addiction …

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New Alcohol Sales Law Could Drive Crime Rates, Admissions to Alcohol Rehab Centers in Indiana

The state’s Interim Public Policy Committee recently met to discuss the passing of a new alcohol sales law that would allow carry-out sales of alcohol on Sundays. Indiana residents are concerned that if the law is passed, communities will experience more cases of underage drinking, drunk driving, and other crimes associated with alcohol use. Though …

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Indianapolis Holds Symposium To Discuss Opioid Addiction and Treatment at Rehab Centers in Indiana

Indiana’s seventh annual Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium recently took place in Indianapolis to address the country’s current opioid epidemic. The event focused primarily on heroin addiction, and involved discussion on how Indiana officials can help reduce heroin addiction rates and supply. Many state officials agree that education and prevention are key to addressing the opioid …

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Elkhart Addiction Support Group and Indiana Rehab Centers Support Use of Naloxone To Save Lives

An addiction support group in Elkhart recently hosted a naloxone training session and distributed naloxone kits to over 60 people. The organizers of the event say that opioid and heroin addiction is a major problem plaguing Elkhart residents, and that many are continuing to lose loved ones to this nationwide epidemic. Also supporting the use …

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Bloomington and Drug Rehab Centers in Indiana Face Dangerous Local Drug Trade

Bloomington is currently facing a serious heroin epidemic resulting in violent crimes and overdose deaths throughout the community. With the nearing completion of I-69, Bloomington law enforcement already has plans in place to prevent heroin and other illicit drugs from making their way into Monroe County from Detroit and Houston. If heroin overdose death rates …

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